ALI SHUMATE, “Every Bit of Me,” Hadley Music Group. 13 tracks

Alice “Ali” Shumate may be a new name to a lot of bluegrass fans, but she’s been active in the music for years in regional bands on the East Coast.

She’s also been classically trained in piano and woodwinds and performed in church choirs and as a church pianist through the years.

Now, Shumate has a new album, “Every Bit of Me,” on Donna Ulisse‘s Hadley Music Group label.

She wrote or co-wrote all 13 tracks.

“Jezebel,” the first single off the album, is an uptempo song about a woman who’s trying to take her man — reminiscent of Dolly Parton‘s “Jolene” or Loretta Lynn‘s “You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man.”

“Long As I Got That Man of Mine” is similar.

The title track is about the emotions Shumate felt when her son, Wyatt, was born.

“Each Lesson That I Learned” is from her time as a hospice nurse, learning the lessons of life and death from her patients.

“Loving How You Love Me” is written for her husband.

“I’ll Dance Forever With You” is a tribute to her aunt and uncle who danced through more than 50 years of marriage.

“In My Dreams” is about a woman who can only be with the man she loves when she’s dreaming.

“How The Secret’s Found” says that life is good, when you look for the good in life.

“I’m Cold to the Bone” is about a woman who knows that her man is about to leave her.

There’s a lot of gospel too — “I’m Gonna Catch A Cloud,” “Mama’s Bible,” “I’m Ready Right Now” and “Surrender  Hallelujah.”

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One Comment on “ALI SHUMATE, “Every Bit of Me,” Hadley Music Group. 13 tracks”

  1. Ali Shumate Says:

    Thank you so much for the write up on my new project! So excited to report that Jezebel and several other cuts have been charting! Thank you again for shedding light on this music – it means so much to us!

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