VOLUME FIVE, “Voices,” Mountain Fever. 12 tracks

Volume Five isn’t exactly a household name yet.

But give the band time. It’s only been around seven years.

And with an album like “Voices,” it’s going to get a lot more attention this year.

“Crazy Night,” the first single off the album, is more than a little weird (especially for bluegrass), with a man waking up chained to a bed, hearing voices and fearing for his life.

There’s plenty of darkness in the album.

But darkness has always been a key element in bluegrass.

There’s “King of California” about a man who strikes it rich in the California gold fields. only to lie dying with a bullet in his chest.

There’s “Going Across The Mountain,” which finds a man who’s trapped in a hollow and shot, while trying to reach the woman he loves on the other side of the mountain.

There’s “Satan’s Ridge,” about a man who’s searching a forest for the woman he loves but finding only blood on the ground.

And then there’s “Faithfully,” about a preacher who kills a man for stealing his wife.

But it’s not all darkness.

“Dream Softly” finds a man driving through the night with the woman he loves.

“Strangest Dream” is about a man who finds heaven in his dreams.

“Colder and Colder” is about a man who’s been on the road for 11 years. But he would stop if he could find the woman who left because he was never there.

And then there’s a great version of “Daddy Was An Ole Time Preacher Man” with Rhonda Vincent.

A good album that’s sure to get a lot of attention.

Can’t find it in stores? Try http://www.volumefivebg.com/#/merchandise.

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