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THE HARPER FAMILY BAND, “Through It All,” Pisgah Ridge. 10 tracks.

March 10, 2014

The Harper Family Band, a bluegrass gospel group from the Missouri Ozarks, is blessed with four strong lead singers.

But it’s been going through some hard times and changes since its fifth album, “Through It All,” was recorded.

The band’s website says that Dalton Harper, the 20-year-old guitarist and vocalist, is battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

And 19-year-old Dillon Harper, the mandolin player and vocalist, will be enrolling in seminary in April. That takes him and his wife, Makeena, another good vocalist, out of the band’s traveling lineup.

But they’re all together on the new album.

Hannah Harper, the band’s 14-year-old fiddle player, sings lead on the title track, an Andre Crouch song, “The Judgment” and “A Portion of His Love.”

You’d never believe she’s that young from her voice.

There are two original songs on the album — Dalton Harper’s “Child of the King” and Katrina (the mother and bass player) Harper’s “Don’t You Want To Meet Him.” Each sings lead on their song.

Dalton Harper’s lead singing on “In A Moment Just Like This” sounds a bit eerie when you realize his medical problems. The song finds a doctor telling a patient that the news isn’t good, but the patient has practiced faith all his life for “a moment just like this.”

A strong bluegrass album that doesn’t stint on either the bluegrass or the gospel.

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