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DARIN AND BROOKE ALDRIDGE, “Faster And Farther,” Mountain Home. 12 tracks

January 16, 2017

Darin and Brooke Aldridge, “the singing sweethearts of bluegrass,” released their first album, an all-gospel collection, in 2008, a few months before they were married.

Darin worked his way up through the bluegrass ranks, including a stint with the Country Gentlemen.

Brooke’s background is primarily in gospel.

Today, they are among the few groups whose albums just keep getting better.

And “Faster and Farther,” which hits record bins on Feb. 10, is the best yet.

Brooke, who sings lead on nine of the tracks, has never sounded better.

She cuts loose and wails on several tracks.

The album kicks off with “Kingdom Come,” a hard-driving gospel-ish song about keeping one’s eyes on the prize.

“Fit For A King” is a strong ballad about a street preacher.

“Highway of Heartaches,” which features some great fiddle work by Shad Cobb, is about a woman facing a long, lonesome road in life.

“Eugene and Diane” is a song about a country picker and a socialite who fall in love, but never tell each other.

“They lived and died regretting the things they never said,” the lyrics say.

There’s a great cover of Ian Tyson‘s “Someday Soon.”

“Heaven Just Got Sweeter For You” finds a widow looking forward to meeting her deceased husband in heaven.

Guests include Vince Gill, John Cowan, Pat Flynn, Tim Surrett and Barry Bales.

A very strong album.

If you haven’t discovered Darin and Brooke Aldridge, it’s time you did.

Can’t find it in stores? Try on Feb. 10.



DARIN & BROOKE ALDRIDGE, “So Much In Between,” Mountain Home. 12 tracks

October 10, 2011

Darin and Brooke Aldridge, “the Sweethearts of Bluegrass,” released their first album — “I’ll Go With You” — in October 2008, a couple of months before their wedding.

And the past three years have kept them busy on the bluegrass circuit.

Last year, their self-titled album made it to the Top Five on bluegrass, Americana Roots and gospel music charts.

This year, they’ll perform in more than 20 states.

Aldridge has the bluegrass pedigree.

He was a member of the Country Gentlemen for seven years, until lead singer Charlie Waller died in 2004. Then, he worked with the Circuit Riders for three years before joining with his then-finance, Brooke Justice, to form a new band.

But his wife has the show-stopping voice.

On the new album “So Much In Between,” she sings lead on six songs. He sings lead on two and the other four are duets.

It’s a mix of secular and gospel music.

And there are plenty of love songs for those who expect that type of music from the couple.

There’s “Lonely Ends Where Love Begins,” “That’s Just Me Lovin’ You,” “Love Makes The Ride Worthwhile” and “We’re In This Love Together.”

“Every Scar” begins with a man taking inventory of the scars he’s accumulated in life and segues into the scars Jesus bore.

“Jesus Walk Beside Me,” “Lord Lift Me Up” and “He’s Already There” are uptempo gospel numbers.

But the song that’s sure to be a show-stopper on the bluegrass circuit is Patsy Montana’s “A Cowboy’s Sweetheart.” Brooke nails the hard-driving cowgrass song and even gets to yodel.

It’s an album the couple’s fans will definitely want.

Can’t find it in stores? Try