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CROSSPOINT, “We’re Gonna Rise,” Rural Rhythm Christian. 12 tracks.

October 6, 2014

Crosspoint is a 6-year-old bluegrass gospel band based in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee.

Members are Gary Kidwell on guitar, Steve Partin on mandolin, Alan Powers on banjo, Cleve May on reso-guitar and Daniel Oxendine on bass. All but Partin are vocalists.

“We’re Gonna Rise” is the band’s second album and first on the Rural Rhythm Christian label.

Band members wrote five of the 12 songs.

“Going Home,” a ballad that says it doesn’t matter where you go in life as long as you’re going home someday, is the first single off the album.

“I Dreamed I Drove The Nails,” a ballad, finds the singer wondering what kind of man drove the nails in Jesus’ hands — until he dreams it was him.

“Put Me Down” is about a man who’s been put down by everyone in his life, except Jesus.

“Coal Miner’s Prayer” is about a man who gives his life to God deep in a coal mine.

“Glory Bound” is an uptempo song about being bound for heaven.

It’s good gospel music bluegrass style.

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