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CIRCA BLUE, “Once Upon A Time,” Orange Blossom. 10 tracks.

March 14, 2016

Steve Harris founded Circa Blue in 2010, not long after his return to bluegrass music.

“Once Upon A Time” is the band’s third album.

It’s a mixture of original songs — Harris co-wrote three, including the title track with fiddler Malia Furtado; three songs from the public domain; Juice Newton‘s 1981 country hit “Queen of ¬†Hearts” and Gordon Lightfoot‘s “Whispers of the North.”

“Carolina Dust” is an uptempo song about an old man who’s had a tough life on farm that never really paid off. He’s buried two wives, his sons are gone and he’s praying for death.

“Before You Leave Here” warns the person who’s leaving that there is no coming back.

“Tripped Stumbled and Fell” finds a woman complaining that cupid’s arrows always miss her — and then she meets the person she falls for.

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