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RESCUE ME, “A Cause for Paws,” Blue Night Records, 12 tracks.

April 10, 2017

This isn’t bluegrass, but it is acoustic music.

And most bluegrass fans like dogs and cats.

“A Cause for Paws” is a national fundraiser for animal rescue organizations.

And it’s being released on ¬†April 30 — National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.

There are six songs about cats and six about dogs.

Mary Ann Kennedy‘s “Barn Cat” is an ode to a mouse-catching feline.

Kathy Chiavola’s “Possum and Pearl” is about two pets hoping to be rescued.

Cindy Mangsen‘s “Our Cats” is a finger-snapping a capella song about three cats.

In “Get A Dog,” Annie Lalley tells a lover that he’s not ready for a woman, he needs a dog.

Heidi Muller‘s “My Old Cat” salutes her best friend.

And Mark Weems “My Best Friend” tells about the relationship from the dog’s point of view.

“Kitty Kitty” by Ashley Jo Farmer is about a cat that doesn’t have time for a human.

Friction Farm’s “Why, Why, Why” is about people and their dogs.

“Cattitude” by Effron White is about hanging out with a cat who knows where it’s at.

Jamie Anderson‘s “I Miss The Dog” is about the aftermath of a relationship where she finds that she misses the dog more than the man.

“The Best Dog” by Amy White finds the singer walking with her dog on a fall day.

And “The Kitty Ditty” by Joel Mabus is a jazzy tune about two cats.

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