CHAIN STATION, “Backroads,” 11 tracks

Chain Station is a nine-year-old, four-piece progressive bluegrass band based in Denver.

“Backroads,” the band’s third studio album, is filled with uptempo tunes.

The title track is about a man whose past has been bittersweet and after seeing extreme highs and lows, he’s chosen to spend his time on the back roads of life.

There’s a lot of mountain imagery, like the mountain tops where the “Wild Wild Wind” blows.

“Gravity” and “Mother Nature” are songs about the forces of the universe.

“Devil’s Juice” is about a family of moonshiners.

“Midwest Girl” finds a man moving west to look for love, but finding that what he really wants is a girl from the Midwest with a gypsy soul.

“Half Full” is about a man who feels rich because of the friends he has made.

“Bluegrass Babes” is a salute to the young women who dance in the crowds at bluegrass festivals.

“Hot Damn” is an off-beat song about a man who is hungry all the time.

“Now and Again” says that sometimes you’ll find the answers you’re seeking.

And “Spooky Ridge” is an intricate instrumental.

Can’t find it in stores?


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