SCOTT SLAY, “The Rail,” Bonfire. 13 tracks.

“The Rail,” Scott Slay‘s new album which shares its name with the name of his band, is more Americana than bluegrass.

But there are elements of both — along with some folk, blues and country — in its 13 tracks.

Slay, a Florida native, heard Sam Bush perform when he was 5 and fell in love with progressive bluegrass.

Later, he worked in his father’s touring bluegrass band.

Now, he’s living in the Denver area with his own band and writing songs.

“The Rail” is sort of a singer-songwriter project.

Slay wrote or co-wrote all but one of the songs — “Green Valley.”

Musicians joining him on the album include Mike Munford, Andy Hall, Scott Vestal, Josh Shilling, Brandon Rickman, Sammy Shelor, Mark Schatz, Jim VanCleve, Aaron Ramsey, Steve Lazar, Dustin Benson among others.

“Battle of Grapevine” is a song about hate and fear and a battle where no blood is left to spill.

Apparently, it’s based on the 1888 Battle of Grapevine Creek between the Hatfields and McCoys.

“Remember Her” is about a woman who once made time stand still for him.

“Truth Came Out” is about a man who stretched the truth one too many times and lost the woman he loves.

“Moonshine Feel” says that corn doesn’t make money unless it’s in a jar.

Can’t find it in stores?


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