JIM AND LYNNA WOOLSEY, “Long Ago,” Bonfire. 10 tracks

Jim and Lynna Woolsey, Indiana singer-songwriters, have been making music together for four decades, dating back to their time in the 1970s with the Indiana-based Patoka Valley Boys.

Their new album, “Long Ago,” on the Bonfire label features two songs they wrote together — “Growing Up Takes Time,” which says there’s freedom in leaving behind childish ways, and “Without You,” a gospel song.

James Woolsey wrote or co-wrote with others the other eight tracks.

“Somewhere Between Californ and Caroline” tells the story of a rambler, who says when he dies you can bury him anywhere because he’s been everywhere.

The title track is nostalgia for childhood.

“Sugar Ridge Road” finds a man driving fast down a road filled with potholes so he can keep a date and sow some wild oats.

“Long Journey Home” is about what a man hopes to do before his time on Earth is over.

“Livin’ The Way It Used To Be” finds a woman wishing her life and love was the way it was in the past.

Musicians include Randy Kohrs, Mark Fain, Tim Crouch, Mike Sumner, Dave Foster, Clay Hees and Mike Curtis.

Can’t find it in stores?

Try www.jimandlynnawoolsey.com/cds-and-gear.

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