NIGHTFLYER, “Flight,” Pinecastle. 12 tracks

Nightflyer, a southwestern Ohio-based band, has roots in traditional and gospel bluegrass.

And the roots show on the band’s new album, “Flight,” on the Pinecastle label.

“Satan’s Jewel Crown,” part of both the traditional and gospel bluegrass genres, was popularized by the Louvin Brothers in 1959 and again by Emmylou Harris in 1975.

Several of the songs, like “Satan’s Jewel Crown,” have their roots in country music.

That includes Hank Williams “A House of Gold” from the late 1940s; “Six Days on the Road,” a 1963 hit for Dave Dudley; “Guitar Man,” a 1967 hit for Jerry Reed; and “Send My Body Home on a Freight Train,” a 1986 song by Randy Travis.

“Ride” is an uptempo song about a couple who used to take rides in the country before life got so complicated. And the singer wishes they would do it again.

“Be Leaving” is about a man who has caught his woman cheating on him and is ready to leave.

“Lightning Rod” is the story of a man who falls for the wrong woman every time.

“Only God Knows My Name” is about a Confederate soldier who is killed at the end of the Civil War and now finds himself lying in an unmarked grave.

“Not Even Dying Can Stop Me Now” is uptempo gospel.

“The Old Rounder” is the story of a dying man, who is reassessing his life.

And “River Don’t Run Dry” finds a trucker heading home and planning to stay there.

Nightflyer is a five-piece band with five musicians who can all sing lead.

Good album.

Can’t find it in stores.


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