TURNING GROUND, “Old Country Store,” Bonfire. 13 tracks

Turning Ground,Salyersville, Kentucky, band has been together for seven years.

And it’s starting to attract national attention with “Old Country Store,” its new album on Bonfire.

Lead singer Nathan Arnett wrote eight of the 13 songs, including the title track — a nostalgic ballad about a store and community gathering place that closed years ago.

Covers include Carter Stanley‘s “The Lonesome River,” Waylon Jennings‘ “Waymore Blues” and Merle Haggard‘s “The Longer You Wait.”

The first track, “Barbed Wire & Roses,” is a hard-driving song about a love that’s causing too much pain.

“I’ve Lived A Good Life” is a ballad about an old man who’s dying and looking back over his life.

“Don’t Tell Me I’ve Gone Crazy” is a hard-driving song about a man who’s working overtime in a mine and trying to take care of his kids after his wife left them.

“Sadie” is an uptempo song about a woman who’ll spend a night with you, but no more.

“Old Kentucky Shine” tells the story of a family that’s been making moonshine for five generations without getting caught.

“I’m Gonna Wear A  Crown” is a gospel ballad.

“Bluegrass” finds the singer admitting that he’ll never be one of the greats of bluegrass, “but I still love that lonesome sound.”

“Let The Big Wheels Roll” tells the story of a man who caught his wife cheating and left town in a hurry with a secret that doesn’t surface until the end of the song.

“Will Heal Over Time” is about a man in an empty house hoping he’ll heal one day at a time.

A good, mostly traditional, bluegrass album.

You can find it on Amazon and other music sites

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