MEADOW MOUNTAIN, “Meadow Mountain,” Tape Time Records. 11 tracks.

Denver-based Meadow Mountain began as four guys busking at a farmers’ market in Vail, Colorado, in the summer of 2014.

Since then, the band has served an apprenticeship as the house band on a Norwegian cruise ship and won the prestigious RockyGrass band competition.

And on Nov. 2, their first album will hit the market.

“Misty Mountain” is a blend of traditional and progressive bluegrass and acoustic music.

The first single, “Careless Heart,” is about a man who’s learned the price you pay when you’re not a woman’s first choice.

“Follow Me” is about wanting to leave the cities behind and get lost in the mountains.

“Shadow of a Mountain” tells about a man who made the mistake of leaving a woman and is trying to get back with her.

“Rocky Lady” is about a woman who came to the mountains to climb, but is now moving back to Tennessee.

“Sail to America” tells about a sailor who left the woman he loves to sail away to Boston.

“Battle Mountain Pass,” “Flying Leaf Jig” and “Raji’s Romp” are instrumentals, showing off the band’s picking skills.

Band members are Summers Baker, guitar; Jack Dunlevie, mandolin; Ian  Parker, violin; George Guthrie, banjo; and Wilson Luallen, bass.

Good album by a new band.

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