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VOLUME FIVE, “Milestones,” Mountain Fever, 12 tracks

June 4, 2018


Volume Five is celebrating its 10th anniversary of playing traditional bluegrass with a new album, “Milestones.”

Last year, the International Bluegrass Music Association named Volume Five as its emerging band of the year and voted its “I Am A Drifter” as the song of the year for 2017.

And the new album is as strong as the ones that came before it.

“Just Beyond The Window” is an uptempo tale of a man who caught his wife cheating and made her and her lover disappear.

“Looks Like Losing You” is about a man who realizes that the woman he loves will soon be leaving him.

“Hayley” finds a man in prison for attacking the man who hurt a woman he loves.

“Now That’s A Song” is about a man and woman in love sitting in the same front porch swing that his grandparents sat in years ago.

There’s a good bluegrass cover of Credence Clearwater Revival‘s 1970 hit, “Looking Out My Backdoor.”

“North Dakota” tells the story of a man and woman pioneering in North Dakota, freezing and hungry — but she never complains.

“Poet With Wings” is about a drifter still searching for something he can’t find.

“I’ll Turn My Back” finds a man leaving home.

“Tell Me You’re Not Leaving” is about a man wishing he had treated the woman he loves better when he had the chance.

“The Lonesome Cry of the Whippoorwill” is about a lonely man dreading sunset when he hears the lonesome sound of a whippoorwill each evening.

And “Stoney Hill” is about the graveyard where the woman he loves is buried.”

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