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FLATT LONESOME, “Silence In These Walls,” Mountain Home. 12 tracks

September 25, 2017

Flatt Lonesome has only been together as a band for six years and recording for four.

But they’re already a rising force in bluegrass music.

Last year, the band took home honors from the International Bluegrass Music Association for vocal group of the year, song of the year (“You’re The One”) and album of the year (“Runaway Train”).

This week, their fourth album, “Silence In These Walls,” hit stores.

There are two gospel songs, reflecting the Robertson siblings’ gospel roots — “Draw Me Near” and “Happy Til He Comes.”

The Rev. Dolton Robertson and his wife, Lisa, created a family bluegrass gospel band called Sandy Creek Revival with their children Kelsi, Buddy and Charli.

As they got older, the Robertson children decided to make bluegrass a full-time occupation and formed Flatt Lonesome with friends Dominic Illingworth, Michael Stockton and Paul Harrigill.

Harrigill and Kelsi Robertson married in 2012.

And they’re the principal songwriters on the album, writing or co-writing seven of the 12 songs.

“All My Life” finds the singer wishing she’d never met the man she loves, deciding that she’d rather live in a lie than die in the truth.

“It’s Just Sad,” which contains the album’s title, is another missing someone song.

“Build Me A Bridge” is about someone needing a bridge to get over a lost love.

“I’m Not Afraid To Be Alone” finds a woman deciding that she doesn’t really need a man in her life.

“Cry Oh Cry” finds the singer crying all day over the man who went away.

“You’re The Reason,” a Glenn Campbell song from 1970, blames a former love for the singer’s problems.

Good album by a band that continues to improve with each album.

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DONNA ULISSE, “Breakin’ Easy,” Mountain Home. 12 tracks

September 5, 2017

Back in the 1980s, Donna Ulisse, a Hampton, Virginia., native headed for Music City, found work as a demo singer and was signed by Atlantic Nashville.

In 1991, the label released her first CD, “Trouble at the Door,” which produced two videos and three singles before disappearing.

A decade ago, Ulisse came home to bluegrass, recast as a “bluegrass poet” who performed “bluegrass without borders.”

And bluegrass welcomed her back with open arms.

Last year, Ulisse was named songwriter of the year by the International Bluegrass Music Association.

And on Sept. 22, her first album on the Mountain Home label, “Breakin’ Easy,” will be released.

Ulisse wrote or co-wrote 10 of the 12 tracks.

The other two are Dottie West’s “Here Comes My Baby Back Again,” a country classic from 1964, and Kimberly Fox and Brandon Rickman‘s “I’m In A Hurry To Go Nowhere.”

The album blends bluegrass — both traditional and contemporary — with country and gospel.

There’s loneliness and despair coupled with hope and joy.

“Without Trouble Please” is a plea for a good day and a chance to catch her breath.

“Back Home Feelin’ Again” is nostalgia for childhood.

“Drive This Cold Out of Me” finds a woman feeling old as she mourns a lover who is gone.

“A Little Past Lonely” and “Til I Finally Let Go” are about relationships that have grown cold.

“Made For Each Other,” “We Are Strong” and “We’ve Got This Love Thing Figured Out” are all about couples that have made their relationship work.

“Whatever Winter Brings” is about growing old.

And “Where My Mind Can Find Some Rest” is about hope and second chances.

Good album by a good singer-songwriter.

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