BALSAM RANGE, “Mountain Voodoo,” Mountain Home. 13 tracks


Balsam Range, the quintet named for the North Carolina mountains where band members live, has released five highly acclaimed albums since its formation in 2007.

Make that six.

“Mountain Voodoo,” the band’s latest, hits record bins on Nov. 11.

And it’s as strong as the other five, which helped the band win 10 International Bluegrass Music Association awards in eight years.

“Something ‘Bout That Suitcase” finds the singer wondering about a worn suitcase he sees and what stories it could tell.

“Blue Collar Dreams” is about struggling to make a living and survive in a world that grinds a man down and leaves him struggling with debt.

“Voodoo Doll” finds the singer unable to sleep, missing a woman who may have put a curse on him to torture him with her memory.

“Eldorado Blue” is about a woman who never left her small town because it suits her just fine.

“The Girl From The Highlands” is about a man who leaves the woman he loves behind when he sails for America, promising to send for her when he saves some money. But she dies before he can and he still misses her 20 years later.

“Rise And Shine,” a beautiful song with a gospel feel, advises people to lay their burdens down, put them in the past and get ready for a better day.

“Wish You Were Here” finds a man missing a woman who has died.

Another strong album by one of bluegrass’ best bands.

Can’t find it in stores?




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