THE WEEPING WILLOWS, “Before Darkness Comes A-Callin’,” 10 tracks, no label


Laura Coates and Andy Wrigglesworth, an Australian duo, call themselves The Weeping Willows.

Their sophomore album is called “Before Darkness Comes A-Callin’.”

And the cover art is a picture of the Angel of Death.

So, if you’re expecting a dark album, you’re right.

Theme albums aren’t common in bluegrass or Americana or alt-country or whatever pigeon-hole this album falls into.

But “Darkness” is definitely an album whose theme is, well, darkness.

The Willows say all the songs, at their heart, are love songs.

But light, they are not.

The duo wrote or co-wrote all 10 songs.

“Devil’s Road” is a bluesy tale of despair — “The Devil’s Road gonna steal your soul,” they sing.

“River of Gold,” the first single off the album, is about greed, temptation and surrender.

“Pale Rider” is about the apocalyptic horseman whose name is Death.

“Garden of Tears” is about a man who murders the woman he loves and buries her beneath a rose bush.

“Fallen Ring” is about “a future in misery…until the devil takes you.”

“Valley of Darkness,” a bluesy number, says “in the valley we’re eternally alone.”

But the standout track is a haunting a capella number, “When The Sun Came Down,” which features Sweet Jean (Sime Nugent and Alice Keath) blending their voices with The Willows.

Yes, it’s as dark as midnight on a cloudy night.

But it’s good.

Can’t find it in stores. Try


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