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REBEKAH LONG, “Here I Am,” LUK Records. 13 tracks

May 30, 2016


Rebekah Long is no stranger to bluegrass.

The twin sister of Lizzy Long, she played bass with the duo Little Roy Lewis and Lizzy Long as well as Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike.

Long also played bass and guitar and sang on the “Daughters of Bluegrass” project and was the recording engineer and designed the graphics for the album.

Now, she’s front and center on her own album, “Here I Am.”

Long also co-wrote five of the 13 tracks.

The lineup also includes four classic country songs — Mel Tillis‘ “Unmitigated Gall” from 1966; Tom T. Hall‘s “I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew” from 1967; Merle Haggard‘s “The Fightin’ Side of Me” from 1970; Terri Gibbs‘ “Somebody’s Knockin’ ” from 1980.

But the newer material, mostly written by Long, Donna Ulisse and Rick Stanley, shines.

There’s “Hairpin Hattie,” a woman who shot her man for cheating and then died in a car crash. She haunts the place where she died, waiting to send other cheating men to their deaths.

And there’s “Nellie Mae,” a tribute to an adoptive mother.

“Sweet Miss Dixie Deen” is a tribute to Mrs. Tom T. Hall, a major bluegrass songwriter, who died in early 2015.

“Ain’t Life Sweet” is a nostalgic look at country living.

The title track finds the singer praying for help and strength.

“He’s Never Coming Back Again” tells of a love that’s gone and won’t return.

And “December” finds the singer wishing she was somewhere warm with the man she loves. But he’s gone.

A good album.

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