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SWIFT CREEK, “Magnolia,” Vital Records. 12 tracks.

April 25, 2016


North Carolina-based Swift Creek released its first album in 2012.

And fans have had to wait four years for the follow-up.

“Magnolia” is a blend of bluegrass, folk and country — with keyboards and a piano in the mix.

But mostly, it’s bluegrass.

Kevin Brown, the guitar player and lead singer, wrote seven of the 12 songs.

“Bluegrass Hurricane” is an uptempo tune that traces the history of country and bluegrass music.

“Wake Me Up To Drive” is about taking the backroads rather than the interstates while traveling.

“Rattle Them Bones” is an eerie walk though the back streets of New Orleans with a lot of spooky imagery.

“Broken Bird” tells the story of man who can’t make commitments and can’t be faithful.

“Life in the Slow Lane” is a comical look at an average family whose idea of excitement is a T-ball game and watching “CSI” on TV.

“Afterglow” finds a couple, together for 33 years, tired of seven jobs in seven states, deciding to settle down and slow down.

The album ends with the county classic “Ashes of Love.”

Good album.

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