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SHOTGUN HOLLER, “Loaded,” Dry Lightning Records. 11 tracks

October 12, 2015

Publicity for Shotgun Holler’s debut album uses words like “alternative edge” and “cutting edge.”

But don’t let that throw you.

This is bluegrass.

And it’s good.

Shawn Brock and Matt Jones formed the band in February 2014 with Nathan Treadway and Rod Lunger.

The idea, Brock said, was to create a band with its own sound.

That sound is a cross between classic country and bluegrass.

Jones, formerly with Blue & Lonesome and the Wildwood Valley Boys, is a strong lead singer.

“Out in the Parkin’ Lot,” the first single, is a Guy Clark-Darrell Scott song about people having fun, hanging out in the parking lot listening to the band playing inside a club.

“I Hope Heaven Has A Holler” is a ballad that finds a man hoping that heaven has mountains, woods and a holler so his father will be happy there.

“Clovis Johnson’s Old Red GMC” finds a boy romancing a moonshiner’s daughter and fearing for his life if her father catches them.

“This Side of the Grass” is about a man sitting beside his wife’s grave, telling her about what’s happening with the kids.

“Miner’s Grave” is an uptempo song about a coal miner working his way to an early grave.

“One Lone Tree” finds a man living the fast life in Detroit, thinking about the tree that stands by his mother’s grave and remembering the things she tried to tell him.

And “I Should Have Started Yesterday” is a song about making amends.

Good debut album from a band with a lot of potential.