LONESOME RIVER BAND, “Turn on a Dime,” Mountain Home. 12 tracks.

After 30-plus years on the road and numerous personnel changes, the Lonesome River Band is still at the top of its game.

But, surprisingly, “Turn on a Dime,” the band’s 17th album, is its first studio album in four years.

Brandon Rickman, the band’s lead singer, co-wrote three of the tracks — “Lila Mae,” “If The Moon Never Sees The Light Of Day” and “Hurting With My Broken Heart.”

Covers include Merle Haggard‘s “Shelly’s Winter Love” and the traditional “Cumberland Gap.”

One of the strongest songs on the album is the gospel ballad, “Holding To The Right Hand,” a song about a man who has fallen and almost given up until he finds salvation.

“Don’t Shed No Tears,” a jazz-influenced gospel song, is about a man asking family and friends not to cry when he dies because he’s heaven bound.

“Every Head Bowed” is a humorous look back at being a child in church with a stomach growling for Sunday dinner.

The title track, “Her Love Don’t Turn on a Dime,” is an uptempo song about a woman who doesn’t care how much money her lover has.

Then there’s “Bonnie Brown,” who is very materialistic.

But it wouldn’t be bluegrass without songs about broken hearts and lost loves.

“Gone And Set Me Free” is about a man leaving town because his woman has left him.

“Lila Mae” is about another woman who’s gone.

“Teardrop Express” finds a man crying for the first time since he was a baby when his woman leaves.

“Hurting With My Broken Heart” is another song about a woman gone and a man hurting.

And “A Whole Lot of Nothing” is about what a woman leaves behind when she’s gone.

Good album by a great band.

Can’t find it in stores? Try LonesomeRiverBand.com.

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