DONNA HUGHES, “From The Heart,” Running Dog Records. 21 tracks. DONNA HUGHES, “Fly,” Running Dog Records. 12 tracks.

Donna Hughes, a North Carolina singer-songwriter, has done what few artists have ever done — released two albums in two different genres simultaneously.

“From The Heart” is a bluegrass/country album. “Fly” finds her playing classical piano, backed by a cello, violin and bass.

Several of the songs appear on both albums — done in different styles.

Two songs from the “Heart” album should become instant classics for our times — “Walmart Checkout Line” and “Facebook.”

You can find them both on YouTube.

Neither is a typical bluegrass tune.

But both do what good music should do — comment on our lives and time.

Hughes wrote 19 of the 21 tracks on “Heart” and eight of the 12 on “Fly.’

“The Red Oak Tree” is about a cemetery.

“Gone” is a ballad about the death of a friend.

“Where The Good Daddies Go” is a ballad about a young man missing his father who died in a war when he was born.

Musicians include Scott Vestal, Rob Ickes, Tim Stafford and Greg Luck.

They’re both good albums, but if you’re strictly into bluegrass, “Heart” is the one for you.

If you like all genres, try them both.

Can’t find them in stores? Try

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