JIM AND LYNNA WOOLSEY, “The Road That Brings You Home,” Broken Record Records. 12 tracks

Jim and Lynna Woolsey have been making music together for more than three decades, dating back to their time in the 1970s with the Indiana-based Patoka Valley Boys.

Now, they’ve recorded an album of all original music, a lot of it based on their families and friends.

“Wheel In His Hand” is about Jim’s father, who drove a truck for a living. “From the Redwoods to the Everglades, he would drive from coast to coast/But I think that he’d went further if he’d got that truck to float.”

“Rude Jenne” is about his great-grandfather, who stole food to feed a friend’s family during the Great Depression and spent time in prison with John Dillinger.

“She’s Gonna Fly” is about Lynna’s battle with breast cancer that “took her hair and a year of her life/Things look different now on the other side/She doesn’t question the how or why/She can feel it in her soul/And you can see it in her eyes.”

“Letter From The City” is about a country boy who fell on hard times in the city.

“Back To Tennessee” is about a musician who had his heart ripped out in Nashville. But after 10 years, he’s thinking of chasing his dreams again.

The title track says, “There’s a million winding roads to get lost on/But there is only one to bring you home.”

“Will You Be Ready” is a gospel song about the end times.

Musicians include Randy Kohrs and Mike Sumner, who co-produced the album, and Clay Hess, Mark Fain and Tim Crouch.

Can’t find it in stores? Try http://www.JimAndLynnaWoolsey.com.

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