BIG COUNTRY BLUEGRASS, “Memories of the Past,” Rebel. 14 tracks.

“Memories of the Past” is Big Country Bluegrass’ 17th album in a career that spans 26 years. And it’s as hard-core traditional as any of the other 16.

Tommy and Teresa Sells have led the band from the beginning. Like all bands, there have been numerous personnel changes through the years. Eddie Gill is the latest male lead singer. Teresa Sells also sings lead.

Don Rigsby sits in on several songs.

There’s a lot of older material here — “Somebody’s Waiting For Me,” “The Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake,” Carl Butler‘s “If Teardrops Were Pennies,” Don Reno‘s “Choking The Strings,” “99 Years Is Almost For Life,” “Won’t You Think of Me” and Curly Ray Cline’s “Baby, You’re Cheatin’.”

But there are plenty of new songs too.

Dixie & Tom T. Hall contribute “I’m Putting On My Leaving Shoes,” a blazing song about saying good-bye.

“Like The Boys on Music Row,” written by Eddie and Hermon Gill, Larry Cordle and Larry Shell, is about a man who’s been singing for 40 years and refuses to end up “like the boys on Music Row.” It’s reminiscent of Cordle and Shell’s “Murder on Music Row.”

“John Doe Made The Crossing” is about an old man who makes his way across a busy street and is later found dead beneath a bridge.

Good album by a good traditional band.

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