UNDERHILL ROSE, “Something Real,” no label. 13 tracks.

Underhill Rose, an Asheville, N.C.-based band, was formed in 2009 by Eleanor Underhill and Molly Rose Reed. Salley Williamson, the bass player, joined later, making the duo a trio.

The group is part of a growing movement of bands that have one foot in bluegrass, but other parts of their bodies in a variety of genres.

Publicity material refers to Underhill Rose’s sound as “Americana, rhythm-and-blues, country and bluegrass.” It also refers to “heartfelt country soul.”

There’s a banjo, an acoustic guitar, bass, fiddle and Dobro — traditional bluegrass instruments — on “Something Real.” But you’ll also find a trumpet, accordion, electric guitar, organ, piano, drums, pedal steel, whistle and tap dancing on there too.

All the songs are original. Underhill wrote seven; Rose Reed, three; Williamson, two; and all three collaborated on “Never Gonna Work Out.”

Nothing on the album is strictly bluegrass, although “Bare Little Rooms” comes close. But you can feel the bluegrass influence in many of the tracks.

“The End of 27,” a song about turning 28, is a ragtime tune that’s really fun to listen to.

Good album. Good band.

Can’t find it in stores? Try http://www.UnderhillRose.com.

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