THE TIME JUMPERS, “The Time Jumpers,” Rounder. 12 tracks.

This isn’t a bluegrass album. The music is mostly western swing with a few touches of stone country thrown in.

But several of the musicians have worked in bluegrass. The band’s home for the past 14 years was the Station Inn, Nashville’s bluegrass mecca. And it’s an album that many bluegrass fans will enjoy.

The Time Jumpers was created in 1998 by a group of session musicians who wanted to jam together in front of an audience.

Through the years, big names dropped by the club to either sit in with the band or just listen. The list included Jimmy Buffet, Kings of Leon, Robert Plant, Bonnie Raitt, Reba McEntire and a lot more.

“The Time Jumpers” is the group’s first studio album. But their 2007 live album, “Jumpin’ Time,” garnered two Grammy nominations. So, the band has a good track record.

Band members wrote all but three of the tracks on the album — Vince Gill wrote five. But you’d swear that some of them came from Bob Wills’ repertoire from the 1940s.

Vocalists on the album include Gill, “Ranger Doug” Green, Dawn Sears and Kenny Sears.

Other members in the band are Andy Reiss, electric guitar; Dennis Crouch, upright bass; Jeff Taylor, accordion and piano; Joe Spivey, fiddle; Larry Franklin, fiddle; Paul Franklin, pedal steel guitar; Rick Vanaugh, drums; and Billy Thomas, harmony vocals.

It’s a great album. But here’s hoping The Time Jumpers will jump on a bluegrass album next.

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