I DRAW SLOW, “Redhills,” Pinecastle. 10 tracks.

I Draw Slow is a five-piece Irish band, formed five years ago by brother-sister songwriters, Dave and Louise Holden.

“Redhills,” released in Ireland last year, attracted so much attention in bluegrass circles that Pinecastle Records released it in the United States earlier this month.

The Holdens wrote eight of the 10 tracks on the album — all but the traditional “Kingdom” and “Buffalo Hunt.”

The songs are poetry set to music, somewhat haunting, somewhat dark.

“Lowdown Girl Like Me” invites a man to “leave your leatherbound Book of Revelations/And raise some hell tonight/Leave your wedding bed, meet me at the station/I don’t look good in white.”

In “Honeymoon,” they sing, “In a letter dated the end of the world/You wrote to tell me you’d lost your girl/You wrote to say how the well ran dry/You wanted to know if I was satisfied.”

The band’s sound has been described as alt-country, folk, roots, old-time, Americana and bluegrass. It’s a blend of  Appalachian mountain music and the traditional Irish music that influenced American folk.

I Draw Slow will join with Niall Toner, another Irish act, for a two-week American tour — “Irish Acoustic Music Invasion” — in October.

For details, check http://www.IDrawSlow.com.

Can’t find the album in stores? Try http://www.PinecastleMusic.com

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