THE BROTHERS COMATOSE, “Respect The Van,” no label. 11 tracks.

The Brothers Comatose — actually brothers Ben and Alex Morrison along with Gio Benedetti, Philip Brezina and Ryan Avellone — is a San Francisco band that describes its sound as “strong bluegrass-influenced folk rock.”

But it sounds pretty much like progressive bluegrass.

The Morrisons say they were influenced by their family’s acoustic music parties and after a brief foray into the punk and rock scenes came back to string band music.

“Respect The Band” is a strong album that should get them a lot of bookings at the more progressive bluegrass festivals.

“Modern Day Sinners” takes on the hypocrisy of modern politics with shades of ’50s rhythm & blues and doo-wop.

“Pie For Breakfast” is a blazing fast song about eating pie while watching snow fall in a strange town and missing the woman he loves.

“The Scout” is about a man who wants to stay young forever.

“120 East” is about the band’s journey to and from The Strawberry Music Festival.

“Morning Time” is a duet with Ben Morrison and Nicki Bluhm.

And “The Van Song” is a tribute to their 1988 Chevy G20 tour van.

It’s a good album with good vocals and good picking.

The Brothers Comatose is a band worth watching.

Can’t find it in stores? Try

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