CARRIE HASSLER, “The Distance,” Rural Rhythm. 8 tracks.

Carrie Hassler burst on the bluegrass scene in 2006 with a hit single called “Seven Miles To Wichita” off her first album, “Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain,” which spent 11 months on the bluegrass charts.

She’s been delivering good, solid bluegrass ever since.

“The Distance” moves a little closer to country music with an electric guitar and a steel guitar on “Catch My Breath,” which sounds like a song you might find on a classic country jukebox from the 1960s.

It’s a great falling in love song, but not really bluegrass.

The first single off the album, Gram Parson’s “Luxury Liner,” however, becomes a blazing bluegrass tune with Hassler’s handling.

Steve Gulley, who produced the album, joins Hassler for a duet on Carl Jackson’s “Eugene & Diane,” a ballad about a guitar picker and a society woman whose status in life keeps them from ever declaring their love for each other.

The title cut is a ballad about a woman who packs her bags and moves 500 miles, looking for a new life.

“All I Have To Do Is Breathe” is a ballad about taking life more slowly and living day to day.

It’s another strong release for Hassler.

The only problem is it’s not an album. It’s an 8-track EP (extended play).

EPs are popping up more and more often these days. Maybe it’s the economy. But fans can only hope for a full album from Hassler before long.

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