BRAND NEW STRINGS, “Stay Tuned,” Rural Rhythm. 7 tracks.

Fans of Brand New Strings’ 2010 debut album “No Strings Attached,” which garnered a lot of attention in bluegrass circles, have waited two years for the next release.

 But it’s not an album.

It’s a seven-song EP (extended play) that just whets the appetite for more.

 The band’s founding trio — Randall Massengill, Mike Ramsey and Stuart Wyrick — wrote five of the seven tracks.

The other two are “I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water,” a 1965 country hit for Stonewall Jackson, and “Mustang Minnie,” a rocking tune about a woman who works at the five-and-dime, saving her money for a 1965 Mustang.

The five songs written by band members are “Other Side Of Lonesome,” a song about a man who has finally worked his way through loneliness; “Behold The Lamb,” an uptempo gospel number; “The Guitar,” a song about a man who leaves home hoping to be a big star in Nashville and finally makes it after years of struggle; and “That’s You” and “Silver Dollar Moon,” a pair of love songs.

It’s just enough new music to remind fans that the band is still out there, but not enough to satisfy them.

Here’s hoping the next full album isn’t two more years down the road.

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