THE VESPERS, “The Fourth Wall,” 12 tracks. Black Suit Records

The Vespers isn’t really a bluegrass band. The members describe themselves as “folk pop.”

They, after all, use drums, ukulele, violins and cellos on “The Fourth Wall.”

But even Doyle Lawson is using drums these days.

And The Vespers do feature a banjo prominently.

So, you’ll probably find them at some bluegrass festivals that lean toward the progressive side of the music.

The 2-year-old group features a pair of sisters — Callie and Phoebe Cryar, 21 and 19 — who sing lead and a pair of brothers — Bruno and Taylor Jones, 20 and 22 — who fill out the sound.

All four write. In fact, the only song on “The Fourth Wall” that they didn’t write is Son House’s “Grinnin’ In Your Face,” which says that “a true friend is hard to find.”

There’s a lot of gospel influence in the music.

“Better Now” is about the blind man that Jesus healed.

“Lawdy” has a bluesy mountain gospel sound.

“Got No Friends” is about as close to bluegrass as The Vespers get.

The song was inspired by the May 2010 flood that devastated parts of Nashville and even hit the Grand Ole Opry House.

It’s a good album  with some pretty vocals.

You can find it in stores April 3 or you can order it online at

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