DARRELL SCOTT, “Long Ride Home,” Full Light Records. 16 tracks.

Darrell Scott is one of those artists who refuses to be pigeonholed.

Sometimes he’s in bluegrass. Sometimes he’s in country.

Sometimes he’s in rock.

And sometimes, he’s a poet, setting his words to music.

“Long Ride Home” is an ode to his lifelong love of country music.

“From silver-haired Daddy to Momma’s hungry eyes, I was baptized in country music,” Scott writes in the liner notes.

There’s no bluegrass on the album.

But many of Scott’s songs eventually find their way into bluegrass.

Patty Loveless’ version of his “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” was nominated for song of the year by the International Bluegrass Music Association in 2002.

A couple of the songs — “The Country Boy” and “You’re Everything I Wanted Love To Be” — are more than 30 years old, written by Scott and his father, Wayne, when Scott was 16.

Wayne Scott performs a duet with his son on “The Country Boy” and Guy Clark sings with him on “Out In The Parking Lot,” a song they wrote together.

Scott has a way with lyrics that make his songs sparkle.

On “It Must Be Sunday,” he sings of a day so lonesome that “even Jesus couldn’t help me today.”

On “No Use Living For Today,” Scott sings, “Well, today was once tomorrow and today’s tomorrow’s yesterday/There’s no use living for today.”

And on “You’re Everything I Wanted Love to Be,” he sings, “There’s an emptiness when you live your life alone/I’m so glad my lonely days and nights are gone.”

If you’re looking for something different in country music, it’s a good album.

It’s a shame it’s not bluegrass though.

Can’t find it in stores?

Try http://www.DarrellScott.com.

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