THOMAS PORTER & COPPER RIVER BAND, “Trolley Days,” TKPIV Publishing. 13 tracks.

THOMAS PORTER, “Thomas Porter,” TKPIV Publishing. 13 tracks.

Thomas Porter is an Arizona-based bluegrass singer-songwriter whose “Teddy Bear Revival” was recorded by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver a couple of years ago on their “Light On My Feet, Ready To Fly” album.

Now, Porter is promoting his songs with two albums and a single. And his Copper River Band is taking his music to bluegrass festivals.

Porter wrote or co-wrote all the songs on both albums.

Songs on his self-titled album include “Cold Drunk and Lonesome,” an uptempo missing someone song; “Touch My Scar” and “Don’t Go To Jerusalem,” a pair of a capella gospel songs; “Rose In A Cabin,” a song about a man in prison for a crime he didn’t commit worrying that his wife will be unfaithful; and “I May Not Be Your First,” a song that finds a man wishing his wife had been his first love.

Songs on “Trolley Days” include the title cut, a nostalgic song about street cars; “No More Room,” a ballad about a lonely mansion; “God Bless My Home,” a song that blends religion and patriotism; “Poor Sister Cry,” a story song about an abused woman killing her abuser; and “Why Me,” an uptempo gospel number.

The single, “Simple Box of Pine,” is a tribute to Vincent Beach, a musician who died last year. It features Dan Tyminski, Ron Brock, Molly Cherryholmes and the Jam Pak Blues ‘N’ Grass Neighborhood Band.

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