ALL4HYM, “Faith & Family,” Rural Rhythm Christian. 12 tracks.

All4Hym is a family band formed by Chester and Terri Kreitzer and their son, Cory.

“Faith & Family” is their eighth album in 15 years and the first on the Rural Rhythm Christian label.

The three Kreitzers share lead vocal duties on the album.

Terri Kreitzer’s a capella version of “Even At The Door” is simply beautiful.

She also sings lead on “Dollar Angel,” a song about giving money to help children in need, and “Inside A Prayer,” which says you’re the closest to heaven when you’re down on your knees.

Cory Kreitzer takes the lead on “Learning To Be More Like You,” about a boy trying to be more like his father and God; “Old Sinner Like Me,” which finds a man wondering if there’s room in heaven for someone like him; “I Was There,” which traces God’s hand throughout history; “Wealthy Man,” about a man who has more bills than he can pay, but is still rich with love; and “Fifty Years Together,” about an old couple looking back on their marriage.

Chester Kreitzer sings lead on “Bought and Paid,” about the mansion that waits for him in heaven; “Grandpa’s Table Grace,” about an old man’s prayer at meal time; “Sit Down With Jesus,” which says Jesus liked to sit and talk with his friends; and “After All These Years,” about a couple that keeps getting closer with the passage of time.

Can’t find it in stores?


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