LOST & FOUND, “Down on Sawmill Road,” Rebel. 14 tracks.

Over the past 37 years, Virginia-based Lost & Found has created a solid niche for itself with its blend of warm, solid bluegrass with a dash of nostalgia and just a hint of folk music.

“Down on Sawmill Road,” part of Rebel Record’s “Vault Masters” series, is a collection of songs recorded by the Lost & Found between 1980 and 2009.

It’s not really a greatest hits collection as much as a fans’ favorites collection of 14 songs.

When you pull together 29 years of music from a band that’s seen a number of changes in its lineup, you get a sampling of a lot of different musicians. But surprisingly, the sound has stayed the same through the years.

Allen Mills, lead singer and bass man, is the only survivor from 1973, when he formed the band with Gene Parker, Dempsey Young and Roger Handy.

Others who have performed with the band through the years include Berry Berrier, Lynwood Lunsford, Ronnie Bowman, Shane Bartley, Greg Luck, Jody King and Ben Green.

Today’s lineup includes Mills, Scottie Sparks, Ronald Smith and Scot Napier.

Songs include “If Today Was The Last Day,” “Leaving You and Mobile Too,” “That’s What Country Folks Do,” “The Rabbit Song,” “Sawmill Road,” “Sweet Rosie By The River,” “A Daisy A Day,” “Sun’s Gonna Shine In My Back Door Someday,” “Peace In The Valley,” “Log Cabin In The Lane,” “The Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home,” “Johnston’s Grocery Store,” “Maple On The Hill” and “Don’t Wait Too Late.”

Good collection from a great band.

Can’t find it in stores? Try http://www.RebelRecords.com.

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