DONNA HUGHES, “Hellos, Goodbyes & Butterflies,” Rounder. 15 tracks.

Donna Hughes comes from the singer-songwriter side of bluegrass.

She’s written more than 300 songs, including “My Poor Old Heart,” recorded by Alison Krauss & Union Station, and “Sad Old Train,” recorded by the Seldom Scene.

“Hellos, Goodbyes & Butterflies” doesn’t really sound like the title of a bluegrass album. But it definitely is.
Bluegrass lyrics have moved closer to mainstream country in recent years.  The instrumentation is the biggest difference these days.

“Cut Your Losses” says now it’s her turn to walk away and his turn to cry.

“Nothing Easy” says he’s easy to love, but she’s not finding something she needs.

“Saying Hello” finds her dead father sending her messages in butterflies, nickels and the wind.

“Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde” is about a man with two personalities — and she’s leaving both of them behind.

“Butterfly” says that butterflies are lucky because they can fly away from problems.

“Jesse” is about a singer who hits the big time, fades away and then makes headlines a final time with his suicide.

“Mid-Life Crisis” finds a woman calling her husband’s lover to deliver this message — “I was his true love, you were his mid-life crisis.”

“Autumn Leaves” says that when we die, the world will keep on turning.

“Blackbeard” is about the life and times of a pirate.

And “Better Apart” finds her doing them both a favor by leaving the relationship behind.

The album was produced by J. D. Crowe and features such musicians as Barry Bales, Rob Ickes, Adam Steffey, Randy Kohrs, Buddy Cannon, Melonie Cannon, Bryan Sutton, Scott Vestal and Aubrey Haynie.

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One Comment on “DONNA HUGHES, “Hellos, Goodbyes & Butterflies,” Rounder. 15 tracks.”

  1. Carrol Johnson Says:

    How come You never mention Owensboros Steve Chandler in these blogs, he has produced and engineered a lot of the projects you blog about including this one (Donna Hughes)Doyle Lawson J D Crowe, Mike Cleveland, Jimmy Martin Tribute, and many more.
    He’s the only name not mentioned on these.
    Owensboro should be proud of one of their own producing and recording these artists, and Grammy award winners as well.
    By the way, your articles are very well done.

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