THE STEELDRIVERS, “Reckless,” Rounder Records. 12 tracks.

The SteelDrivers roared out of Nashville in 2008 with a sound that’s best described as “outlaw grass.”

The band had a sound that ranged from high-lonesome to low-down blues — often in the same song.

They mixed a rock attitude with some Delta blues, gospel and country, but kept it all within the framework of bluegrass.

High tenor vocals were replaced with Chris Stapleton’s rough-hewn growls and wails.

And the songwriting — primarily Stapleton and bandmate Mike Henderson — told full-blooded tales of hard people and hard times.

Now comes the band’s sophomore effort — “Reckless.”

It’s just as strong as the debut self-titled album.

But it’s the last album with the original lineup.

Stapleton, an accomplished songwriter who co-wrote every song on “Reckless,” left the band in April to devote more time to songwriting and his family.

That makes this album special for fans.

Gary Nichols of Muscle Shoals, Ala., is new lead singer and the band is still strong.

But “Reckless” is the last chance to hear the band’s original sound.

And it’s a great sound.

In “The Reckless Side of Me,” Stapleton sings, “When it comes to takin’ sides and takin’ chances, there’s a part of me that didn’t come to talk.”

“Good Corn Liquor” tells the tale of a sheriff who shot the singer’s daddy beside his still beneath a “blood-red moon.”

“Can You Run” finds a slave on his way to join Mr. Lincoln’s Army.

In “You Put The Hurt On Me,” the singer finds that since the woman he loves has been gone “the dark got twice as deep.”

And “Ghosts of Mississippi” tells of a drunken dream where “the blues came walkin’ like a man,” tuned his guitar and began to wail the blues.

Great album. Great sound.

Can’t find it in stores? Try

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