J.D. CROWE, DOYLE LAWSON, PAUL WILLIAMS, “Old Friends Get Together,” Mountain Home Music. 12 tracks

Three bluegrass legends who graduated from Jimmy Martin’s Sunny Mountain Boys finishing school have teamed up for a gospel album that’s well worth fans’ attention.

Banjo legend J.D. Crowe was with Martin from 1956 to 1960; Paul Williams, best known for his bluegrass-gospel work, was also part of Martin’s late 1950s lineup, working with him from 1958 to 1963; and Doyle Lawson, whose band Quicksilver has been one of the top groups in bluegrass for a quarter century, was there from 1963 to 1966.

This summer, the three released “Old Friends Get Together,” a collection of 12 gospel songs, including two co-written by Martin — “Voice of My Savior,” written with Raymond Long, and “Give Me Your Hand,” written with Williams.
But all 12 songs are from Martin’s repertoire.

The album was recorded near the end of Martin’s life in 2005 and he was able to come to the studio to listen to the tapes.

There are no real surprises here. Just three bluegrass legends singing bluegrass gospel the way it was meant to be. The harmonies are as powerful as ever.

Songs include “Prayer Bells of Heaven,” “The Little White Church,” “Pray The Clouds Away,” “This World Is Not My Home,” “Shake Hands With Mother Again” and “Who’ll Sing For Me.”

Musicians include Ben Isaacs, Cia Cherryholmes, Sonya Isaacs, Ron Stewart and Harry Stinson.

Bluegrass purists alert: Stinson plays snare drums on the album.

Can’t find it in stores? Try www.crossroadsmusic.com.

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2 Comments on “J.D. CROWE, DOYLE LAWSON, PAUL WILLIAMS, “Old Friends Get Together,” Mountain Home Music. 12 tracks”

  1. Janice Carol Says:

    Ive noticed that a lot of the albums over the years that you ‘ve blogged about were recorded by Steve Chandler who is from Owensboro.
    It seems he never gets recognised for his work on the projects which I feel is a good thing for Owensboro.
    He has been nominated for numerous awards such as Grammys (which he has had two winners and six nominations) and has won in every category of IBMA awards as well.
    Just thought It was worth mentioning.

  2. Tony Wiloson Says:

    This is a classic. Thanks to the Legends for getting together and doing a project that will live in music history for all to enjoy.

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