JETT’S CREEK, “Guilty,” no label. 12 tracks.

Jett’s Creek is an Ohio-based family band that spreads its lead vocal work fairly evenly between father Jon McIntosh, son Adam McIntosh and daughter Angie Young.

But it really needs to concentrate on Young.

She’s the star of the show.

Her performance on Miranda Lambert’s “Gun Powder and Lead” — a song about domestic violence and revenge (“His fist is big, but my gun’s bigger”) — is every bit as tough as Lambert’s original.

Fortunately, it’s the first single off the “Guilty” album.

She also portrays a tough woman on “Danville Prison Grave,” which finds the singer serving a life sentence for killing her cheating husband and her best friend when she catches them together.

Not many women in bluegrass attempt those types of songs.

There’s nothing wrong with the men’s vocal work. After all, Adam McIntosh spent more than three years with Dry Branch Fire Squad and is currently a member of Joe Mullins’ Radio Ramblers. And Jon McIntosh has been a bluegrass musician for 30 years.

But Young is still the star of the band — at least on this album.

She wrote two songs — “Please,” telling a cheating lover to leave, and “One Small Problem,” telling a man she cares about him, but she’s married and won’t cheat.

Adam McIntosh wrote the uptempo gospel, “He Loves Me.”

Other highlights include Jon McIntosh’s version of “The Arms of Tennessee” and Adam McIntosh’s chain-gang song, “This Old Hammer.”

Band members include Brad Jessmer, Wayne Haddix and Jeff Byrd.

This is the band’s second album and it’s time a major bluegrass label signed them.

Can’t find it in stores? Try

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