BRAND NEW STRINGS, “No Strings Attached,” Rural Rhythm. 13 tracks.

East Tennessee-based Brand New Strings was formed a little over a year ago by veteran musicians Randall Massengill, Tim Tipton, Mike Ramsey, Stuart Wyrick and Matt Leadbetter.

Massengill and Ramsey are the group’s lead singers.

“No Strings Attached” is their first album, a blend of traditional bluegrass music with modern lyrics.
“Merry Go Round” and “The First Date,” a pair of uptempo love songs have already been getting some airplay. But this isn’t really an album of love songs.

“Law of the Land” finds a man fighting the government to keep it from taking his property.

“The Blues Club” finds a man on the “blue side of lonesome.”

“Rainy Nights and Memories” is a pretty ballad.

“High On A Hilltop” is a lonesome ballad about a cheating lover.

“Living Water” is a great a capella gospel song. It’s part of a trio of gospel numbers that includes “Caught Up” and “When My Feet Touch The Streets of Gold.”

Probably the most moving song on the album is Massengill’s “Prayer From Home,” which finds a child praying for the soldiers in a war as his father’s body is being loaded onto a plane for shipment back home.

Guests include Ron Stewart, Dale Perry, Don Gulley and Steve Gulley.

A strong debut album by a good new band.

Can’t find it in stores? Try

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