DAILEY & VINCENT, “Dailey & Vincent Sing The Statler Brothers,” Rounder/Cracker Barrel. 12 tracks

The Statler Brothers hit the road with Johnny Cash in 1964 and racked up 33 Top 10 country singles before their retirement in 2002.

In January 1966, their “Flowers on the Wall,” climbed to No. 4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 (pop) charts.

A piece of trivia: At the 1965 Grammy awards, the Statlers took home the “best contemporary (rock and roll) performance by a group, vocal or instrumental” trophy for “Flowers.”

Among the runners up: “Help!” by The Beatles.

Count Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent — the hottest act in bluegrass music as the second decade of the 21st century begins — among the rabid fans who know such trivia.

On previous albums, they’ve recorded the Statlers’ “Years Ago,” “There Is You” and “More Than a Name on a Wall.” And in 2008, Dailey & Vincent sang the Statlers’ “Do You Know You Are My Sunshine” at the quartet’s induction ceremony for the Country Music Hall of Fame.

So, it’s only fitting that the reigning International Bluegrass Music Association entertainers of the year record an entire album of their musical heroes’ songs.

There’s “Flowers on the Wall,” “Class of ’57,” “Hello Mary Lou Goodbye Heart,” “Too Much On My Heart,” “Susan When She Tried,” “I’ll Go To My Grave Lovin’ You,” “Elizabeth,” “Bed of Roses,” “Do You Know You Are My Sunshine,” “My Only Love” and “Thank You World.”

These are bluegrass versions — well, except for the piano and percussion — of country classics, but they sound remarkably like the originals.

It’s a great collection for fans of either group.

The album is available in Cracker Barrel Old Country Store locations, at crackerbarrel.com and daileyvincent.musiccitynetworks.com.

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