GOLD HEART, “My Sisters and Me,” Rural Rhythm. 12 tracks.

Chances are, you haven’t heard of Gold Heart yet. But, rest assured, you will.

The Gold sisters from Hamilton, Va., are one of the hottest new acts in bluegrass — as well as one of the youngest.

Analise, the oldest at 19, switched from bagpipes to mandolin when the sisters decided to form a bluegrass band.

Jocelyn, 16, is the songwriter and guitar player. She wrote or co-wrote nine of the 12 songs on this album.

Shelby, who’s 13, is a fiddle prodigy. They take turns singing lead and their harmony is fantastic.

“Heavenly Home,” a gospel song written by Jocelyn Gold, is performed as an a capella trio. If angels sing bluegrass, this is what it sounds like.

The songwriting is mature and the musicianship is on a par with pickers twice their age.

A lot of bluegrass albums these days leave you wondering, “Is that really bluegrass?” There are no doubts here. “My Sisters and Me” is bluegrass, pure but not so simple.

It’s hard to pick a favorite here. It’s a solid album by a band that should just get better with time.

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