Lost & Found. “Love, Lost and Found.” Rebel. 13 tracks.

The title of Lost & Found’s first album since 2002’s highly acclaimed “It’s About Time” album is somewhat poignant.

On Dec. 10, 2006, Dempsey Young, the mandolin player and vocalist who helped found the band in 1973, took his life after a battle with depression. His passing was a blow to the band and fans alike.

Half of the tracks on the album — recorded in 2003 — feature Young’s work. The other half — recorded last year— feature Scott Napier, who began filling in for Young shortly after his death.

The results are so seamless that only the most die-hard of fans can tell the difference between the two sets of tracks.

Lost & Found has never been a flashy band. It’s forte is warm, solid bluegrass with just a hint of folk music.

It’s like home cooking in a fast-food world.

And “Love, Lost and Found” lives up to the band’s legacy.

Allen Mills, the band’s lead singer, alternates leads with Napier on this album. And Young is featured singing lead on Jud Strunk’s “A Daisy A Day.”

Songs include Don Reno’s “Trail of Sorrow,” Ernest Tubb’s “I’ll Always Be Glad To Take You Back” and Mills’ “If Today Was The Last Day.”

The first single off the album is “That’s What Country Folks Do,” an anthem about rocking chairs, neighbors and grandkids. It’s the kind of song fans have come to look forward to.

And it’s a worthy follow up to 2002’s chart-topping “Johnston’s Grocery Store.”

Can’t find it in stores? Try www.rebelrecords.com.

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